Working and Discussion papers

  • Cure, Morgane, Matthias Hunold, Reinhold Kesler, Thomas Larrieu and Ulrich Laitenberger: Vertical integration of platforms and product prominence. Current Version

  • Fugger, Nicolas and Ulrich Laitenberger: Split-award Auctions and Supply Disruptions. Current version

  • Laitenberger, Ulrich, Steffen Viete, Olga Slivkó, Michael Kummer, Kathrin Borchert and Matthias Hirth, Unemployment and Online Labor. Current version

Work in progress

  • Gomez-Herrera, Estrella, Ulrich Laitenberger and Frank Müller-Langer: Taxation on online labor platforms

  • Fiuza, Eduardo, Ulrich Laitenberger, Alexis Larousse, and Christine Zulehner: Small firm policies: New evidence from drug procurement auctions in Brazil

  • Rich, Cyrus, Michael Kummer, Ulrich Laitenberger and Hughes, Daniel: Healthy reviews? The impact of online doctor ratings on healthcare outcomes

  • Hunold, Matthias, Heiko Karle and Ulrich Laitenberger: Segmentation and agglomeration of competitive sellers on digital platforms - empirical evidence

  • Hunold, Matthias, Laitenberger, Ulrich and Guillaume Thébaudin: Managing competition on a market place

  • Janssen, Rebecca, Ulrich Laitenberger and Reinhold Kesler: Review platforms and the effect of paid prominence