Research topics

1. Key publications 

Unemployment and Online Labor - Evidence from Microtasking
Management Information Systems Quarterly, 2023. With  Steffen Viete, Olga Slivkó, Michael Kummer, Kathrin Borchert and Matthias Hirth (WP) (Coverage: RSM)

Vertical integration of platforms and product prominence
Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2022. With Morgane Cure , Matthias Hunold, Reinhold Kesler, Thomas Larrieu. (WP, TSE Digital Economics Conference, New Economics of Platforms Seminar)

The Anticompetitive Effect of Minority Share Acquisitions: Evidence from the Introduction of National Leniency Programs
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2022, 14 (1): 366-410, with  Sven Heim, Kai Hüschelrath and Yossi Spiegel. (WP, Online Appendix, Nominated for the Antitrust Writing Award 2023)

Competition, collusion and spatial sales patterns – theory and evidence
Journal of Industrial Economics, 2020, 68(4), 737-779, with Matthias Hunold, Kai Hüschelrath and Johannes Muthers. (WP)

Hotel Rankings of Online Travel Agents, Channel Pricing and Consumer Protection
Marketing Science, 2020, with Matthias Hunold and Reinhold Kesler. (Press coverage: Business Insider FAZ Handelsblatt Der Standard NZZ Tagesschau)

2. Other peer-reviewed publications and conference proceedings

Healthy reviews!- Online physician ratings reduce healthcare interruptions
Proceedings of 43th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2022. With Michael Kummer, Cyrus Rich, Daniel Hughes, and Turgay Ayer

Evaluation of Best Price Clauses in Hotel Booking
International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2018, with Matthias Hunold, Reinhold Kesler and Frank Schlütter.

Rent Sharing to Control Non-Cartel Supply in the German Cement Market
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 2018, with Joe Harrington and Kai Hüschelrath.

Settlements and Appeals in the European Commission’s Cartel Cases: An Empirical Assessment
Review of Industrial Organization, 2017, with Michael Hellwig and Kai Hüschelrath.

The Settlement Procedure in EC Cartel Cases: An Empirical Assessment
Journal of Antitrust Economics, 2017, with Kai Hüschelrath.

The Duration of the EC Merger Control Process: Determinants and the Impact of the 2004 Merger Regulation Reform
International Journal of the Economics of Business, 2016, with Sven Heim and Kai Hüschelrath.

The Discontent Cartel Member and Cartel Collapse: The Case of the German Cement Cartel
International Journal of Industrial Organization,2015, with Joe Harrington, Kai Hüschelrath and Florian Smuda.

Estimating Consumer Damages in Cartel Cases
Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 2014, with Florian Smuda.

Determinants of Self-Reporting under the European Corporate Leniency Program
International Review of Law and Economics, 2014, with Cung Truong Hoang, Kai Hüschelrath and Florian Smuda.

3. Other publications

Rabattverträge, with J. Bauchmann, M. Schröder and C. Telshow.
In: Arzneiverordnungs-Report 2017, Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany 2017.

Rabattverträge, with J. Bauchmann, M. Orlamünde, M. Schröder and C. Telshow.
In: Arzneiverordnungs-Report 2016, Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany 2016.

Rabattvertragsausschreibungen in der Generikaindustrie in Deutschland, with C. Bauer, M. Hunold, K. Hüschelrath, R. Jahn, M. Kotschedoff, G. Lux, A. Walendzik, J. Wasem and L. Weegen. 2015. ZEW Wirtschaftsanalysen, Bd. 104, Baden-Baden.

The Effect of Procurement Design on Entry and Success of Generic Drug Firms
Value in Health, 2014, with Matthias Hunold.

Cartel Stability and Cartel Breakdown: Insights from the German Cement Industry
Wirtschaft und Wettbewerb,  2016, with Joe Harrington, Kai Hüschelrath and Florian Smuda. 

Cartel Enforcement in the European Union: Determinants of the Duration of Investigations
European Competition Law Review, 2013, with Kai Hüschelrath and Florian Smuda.

The Adoption of Screening Tools by Competition Authorities
CPI Antitrust Chronicle, 2011, with Kai Hüschelrath.